• "The right tool for the job
    can make all the difference"

Telesales software is rarely interesting...but this one might make you smile.

TeleStudio pre-CRM - the complete solution to book more appointments, fill events and save you lots and lots of time & money.


TeleStudio pre-CRM -  What makes it special?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms are great at managing existing clients and hot-prospects. However, TeleStudio "pre-CRM" works in a very different way. TeleStudio's role is not to manage existing customers and hot prospects - but to help you find new ones - fast (from whatever data you have available).


TeleStudio is all about helping you to make lots of effective calls, send out targeted emails & mailers, and then follow everything up in a structured, efficient and user-friendly way.


Quick note: Whilst TeleStudio has been designed as a rapid appointment-setting application, it is equally good at helping you fill events, clean existing data and conduct telephone based market research.

Here is a quick example on how TeleStudio might work for you:


Let's say you have some data that you have acquired from a show, and you wish to contact everyone on that list to book appointments for your senior sales team:


Let TeleStudio help you to import, clean, de-dupe and structure the data, plus add in a few qualification questions


Make some calls - This is one of the areas where TeleStudio really proves its worth, allowing you to make over 40% more calls than standard CRM systems (but in a really nice and user-friendly way)


Send out a targeted mailer or email-broadcast, and have TeleStudio help you track any leads and implement your follow-up strategy


Let TeleStudio assist your management team in monitoring and refining  the process, to make sure that you get the very best from your people, the data and your investment


Your pipeline will never

be the same again.

Nothing else comes close to TeleStudio when it comes to helping us book high-value appointments for our clients and then helping us to manage each one - on a personal level.

Liam Brennan

Managing Director

Don't Just Sit There - Sell Something


A closer look

Seeing TeleStudio in action (via a web-demo) will give you the best feel for how it works. However, for now, here is a very quick look at some of the key points.

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  • Everyday users

    The right tool...


    Making life easier is at the top of our list whenever we come up with anything for TeleStudio, and we listen really hard to everyone who has an idea or opinion. So, whether you are part of a high-end marketing agency (managing hundreds of client-campaigns), or are simply trying to create a quality in-house, appointment-setting team - TeleStudio has been built with you in mind.


    Here are just a few of the features that our users really appreciate:


    > 40% more calls in the same time - achieved in a way that treats you like a professional
    The right amount of on-screen information - TeleStudio screen layouts and data tools are designed to give you just the right amount of information, where you need to see it
    Personalised information templates - Sending out emails or letters (during a call or in bulk) is much easier when you have your own personalised templates available
    Working with multiple contacts - Quickly find the right contact within the same company, and close off the others (even at reception level), it's super easy
    Speeds up complex tasks - You've booked an appointment and need to notify the sales person, their PA and an internal administrator, plus you need to send out fully personalised confirmation emails - it's a couple of clicks and you're on to the next record

    We really could go on and on (and on.....and on...) about how TeleStudio can save you time and make your life easier. However, the net result is that once TeleStudio is up and running - your pipeline will never be the same again.




  • Campaign administrators

    Don't miss another opportunity...

    Making sure that your campaigns are setup in the right way, and that processes are in place to stop things being overlooked or forgotten can be a complex, time consuming task. Fortunately, and in no small part thanks to our amazing clients - TeleStudio has some extremely useful tools to help out:


    Getting the data right - TeleStudio will help you to prepare whatever data you are planning to use. From intelligent, de-duping and formatting to grouping and segmentation - it has everything you need
    Setting the rules - One of the most powerful areas within TeleStudio (and one that sets it apart from most CRM applications), is that it can be easily configured to make campaigns run exactly as you need them to
    Monitoring - TeleStudio lets you monitor the key aspects of your campaigns. For example: User / data performance, records that need attention, information that still needs to be sent out or followed-up -  etc. etc.


    In short there are many tools built-in to TeleStudio that are designed to make sure that your campaigns run smoothly, that nothing ever gets overlooked and that nobody ever going to steal your dinner from under your nose :O).




  • Management tools & reports

    Heading in the right direction...


    Not surprisingly, most people working in this field have a very good gut feel with regards to campaign objectives, the data and the people working on it. However, we also understand that there is a real need to back that up with factual data.


    Our reports and monitoring tools have been designed to make it simple to present the right information clearly, quickly and in a way that everyone can understand:


    How many effective calls are being made each day, by whom and what are the hourly breakdowns
    What data / areas are providing the best returns
    How many calls does it take to get an appointment, and how much calling-time do we need to get 10
    What are the number of contacts with X products installed etc.


    The above examples are just a quick snapshot of the kind of information you can get at any time. You can also setup your own Excel export templates, so that you can generate your own management reports - if you want to. That said, if you need specific custom reports tailored for you, we will be more than happy to help.




  • A little help from us

    A complete solution for your business...


    Whenever we get a new client, we find out their specific needs and configure TeleStudio to work in the right way for their business. We then provide the necessary training to get the users up and running and finally, we are on-hand to help out during normal office hours - ALL OF THIS IS INCLUDED IN THE MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION.


    It's also worth noting that you can do pretty much everything for yourself (if you wish to), such as:

    Create, duplicate, modify and update your campaigns
    Import, clean and organise data
    Create complex filters and queries (and save them as Bookmarks for future use)
    Setup email broadcasts and mailers


    That said, we also provide an in-house service where we can take care of whatever you need (leaving you free to focus on the objectives, rather than the technical aspects). The average cost for us to take care of the above type scenarios is £35 (based on time required).


    We also offer a fully-managed, development service where we can do all sorts of clever things, including:


    Custom functionality  - This could be anything that makes TeleStudio work even better for you
    Bespoke reports - Great if you need to run something complex and specific on a periodic basis
    CRM Integration - If you need TeleStudio to push/pull data to and from a CRM platform


    If one of the above items is of interest, please give us a call/email, so we can discuss it and put together a quotation.




A closer look


Seeing TeleStudio in action (via a web-demo) will give you the best feel for how it works. So, please contact us and we'll be happy to arrange one for you.

Depending on your questions, a demo will last anywhere from 20mins to an hour and will cover the following:

How it benefits users from an, everyday perspective

Configuring and administering your campaigns

Management tools and reports

How we like to help out

Nothing else comes close


Nothing else comes close to TeleStudio when it comes to helping us book high-value appointments for our clients and then helping us to manage each one - on a personal level.


Managing Director
Don't Just Sit There - Sell Something

an invaluable part of our team


We started using TeleStudio back in 2005 and have been using it ever since.  The way it helps us to look after our clients and deliver on our promises has made it an invaluable part of our team.

Penny Wing

Wings Telemarketing

an essential investment


We specialise in working with professional service clients - so everything we do has to meet the highest possible professional standards.  TeleStudio helps us to do this by being flexible and comprehensive.  As a result, even the most complex of campaigns can be easily managed. The confidence this gives both my clients and my team makes TeleStudio an essential investment.


Managing Director